Cook & Baker supper clubs are a series of carefully curated experiences by two best friends who love nothing more than spending time together in cafés and on rooftops, exploring cities and beautiful spaces, opposite each other at the table, and side by side in the kitchen.

We celebrate eating as a time shared between old friends, and an opportunity to make new ones, because it is at the table that conversations spark and memories are made. From London to Madrid to Marrakech and beyond, our most treasured moments have always involved delicious food and magical settings, and we hope to share this with you at our supper clubs.

With us, the seasons determine not only the menu but also the flowers that decorate our tables, the drinks that we serve, and every other detail, no matter how small. 

We, Cook & Baker, invite you to be our guests, to gather amongst friends old and new, and to share in our love of food and all the little things it brings.

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