With our love of food comes a love of cookbooks. We both grew up with stacks of them in our kitchen, and our collection just keeps getting bigger.

Cookbooks were our kind of bedtime reading. They allowed us to peek into the world of food as we were growing up, encouraged us to travel and enabled us to recreate our favourite dishes from the cities we have been to. Their photography and styling continue to inspire us, from the ingredients that we cook with to the way we set our tables.

Most of all, cookbooks have brought us closer to the chefs we admire. They have shared their stories with us, and now we want to share them with you.  

At our Cookbook Club, we will explore a different book each time, and come together to cook some of it's most delicious dishes in a workshop style event. We will talk about the chef, the cuisine, and take you through the techniques, and then enjoy what we have cooked together over a drink or two, in a carefully curated Cook & Baker setting. 

To find out when our next Cookbook Club is, or to buy tickets, please click here.