Brunch and Yoga

There is no better way to spend a Sunday morning. After a calming yoga class led by the wonderful Clem Balfour, we gathered over a table lined with blush pink flowers, tall taper candles and handmade clay ceramics for a four-course brunch feast. Cocktails were flowing and tea kept us warm whilst yogis and foodies alike shared stories and sparked friendships over bowls of warming porridge and colourful breakfast salads. 

Photography by Ellie Edkins.

Yoga Class: Clem Balfour, Yoga Brunch Club
Venue: 42 Acres, Shoreditch
Ceramics: Kana London
Cocktails: Seedlip
Tea: Tea Lab Company
Calligraphy: Pale Press London
Linens: The Linen Works
Taper Candles: Ester & Erik
Scented Candles: Plum & Ashby
Coconut Yoghurt: CoYo
Nut Butter: Pip & Nut